21 Aug 2019 Leaning to swim without jumping into the water?

No matter how many books you read about learning how to swim, at some point you will have to jump into the water … The same is true for Digital Transformation. You can read a lot of books about it. You can even order your own "book of dreams". But none of this will get you much closer to a transformed business.

13 May 2019 The Cloud and Digital Transformation, do you know the diffence?

"The Cloud", "Cloud adoption", "Roadmap to the Cloud" … All these terms are referring to a technology transformation. This transformation is aiming to do the same in a more efficient way. What about your business environment?

02 Apr 2019 How many CIO’s do you have?

Let's go back to 1995. Large Enterprises own datacenters with so called “Mainframe” computers. Small and medium enterprises operate on machines like an AS/400 or other minicomputer systems, that are hosted in a computer room or datacenter (well, most of the time …). Having access to such a computer room is reserved for the privileged in most companies. The CIO is the king of this universe.

19 Feb 2019 Van Moer opts for scalability with Microsoft Office 365 and Arxus

As an entrepreneur, Van Moer’s main focus is achieving sustainable growth. They had great difficulty to design a datacenter that would meet all their needs for the next years. At the same time they had to replace all the software.

12 Feb 2019 I love it when a plan comes together (Hannibal Smith)

I love my job! I meet a lot of IT and business decision makers who share their priorities and challenges with me. I leverage that information to inspire and help other people in my network. You could call it ‘sharing best practices’, very valuable for all of us. These discussions even became more interesting the last years since companies are focusing on ‘going digital’ and therefore alignment between business and IT is becoming increasingly important.

22 Jan 2019 Why is Microsoft Office 365 expensive?

I spent the last 9 years of my career focusing on Microsoft cloud services. Initially Business Productivity Online Suite a.k.a. BPOS, after that Office 365 and Azure. Fascinating technology, a real game changer. And yes, I really adore the Microsoft cloud stack and strongly believe the best is yet to come. Call me a believer.

22 Jan 2019 Does Cronos really exist?

People willing to join our company are often invited for a meeting with Jef De Wit, founder of Cronos. And it was during such a meeting that somebody, let's call him mister K, asked: Jef, does Cronos really exist? And to be honest, I was not surprised by that question!