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Nimbuz helps you drive Digital Transformation in your organization. We build solutions on Microsoft technology, in line with your business and ICT strategy.

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Nimbuz helps you drive Digital Transformation in your organization. We build solutions on Microsoft technology, in line with your business and ICT strategy. We are a group of +30 Cronos companies that relies on a team of +800 experienced and knowledgeable Microsoft consultants. We leverage the full Cronos organisation, you experience one team.

We deliver services for Microsoft business applications, build modern workplaces and datacenters and modernize applications. We are innovators together with you. Let’s make it happen!

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Leverage the full Nimbuz &
Cronos organization but
experience one team

Long Term

A partnership is a relationship
between enterprises where the
parties desire to achieve long-
term benefits an innovation
based on mutually desired


Discuss your 3 year business and IT strategy with us in the boardroom and transform together with Nimbuz

Our solutions

Digital Transformation

Companies are challenged to re-invent themselves.  Competition is coming from everywhere.  Digital Transformation is the buzzword.  Nimbuz is offering a very pragmatic approach.  We will not write the big “book of dreams”.  We will go from ideation to deployment of one transformational scenario in a couple of weeks.  The result is a proof of value that allows customers to experience what digital transformation could mean for them.  And then take it scenario by scenario to a full blown digital strategy.  We call this the Nimbuz 2+2+2 approach.

Lifecycle Roadmap

It’s not just all about innovation and new things. Companies have an IT platform that runs their business today. Collaboration, desktop, server, on premise, already in the cloud, … How do I modernize this environment, what are the steps, what is the order? In brief : what is the roadmap, linked to business priorities and budget constraints? Nimbuz gives customers their roadmap in a short period of time. This is a critical piece of the IT puzzle.

Microsoft Solutions

Microsoft is having a set of products and services that support most function in a modern business environment. Empowering employees, engage customers, optimize your operations or transform your products ? There’s a solution for it. This solution will most likely need multiple products and services to be integrated in your existing environment. Nimbuz offers all of the Cronos knowledge as a single point of contact.

Optimisation Engineering

Whether you’re talking about your existing infrastructure or new platforms that are the outcome of digital transformation, they have one thing in common. They have to work, they have to be operational. When they fail, the problem need to be fixed as fast as possible. But more important : can you avoid system outages before they happen ? Nimbuz Optimisation Engineering is designed with this in mind.

Our vision


At Nimbuz, we strongly believe that becoming a trusted advisor can only be realized by investing in a long term and strategic relationship. We want to be your partner, not your supplier. Our vision on how to achieve this goal is to engage early i.e. when the digital transformation strategy and your roadmap is defined. Doing this will allow us to deliver maximum value and help you make the right strategic and technical decisions. Building solutions will become the logical result of our collaboration and not a goal on itself.