Case: MbarQ creates an AI sous-chef for Puratos

Case: MbarQ creates an AI sous-chef for Puratos

A success story on how innovative digital solutions enhance customer engagement and streamline operations.

Case: MbarQ creates an AI sous-chef for Puratos

In a delicious partnership, Puratos teamed up with our friends at MbarQ, another Bluu family member, to create an AI-driven chatbot that transforms how customers explore their extensive product catalog.

Since 1919, Puratos, a Belgian company that is still in family hands, has been crafting high-quality ingredients for professional bakers, pastry chefs, and chocolatiers. 

Today, they’ve expanded their kitchen, serving over a hundred countries worldwide.

To make ingredient selection a piece of cake, MbarQ developed an intuitive AI chatbot, acting as your personal sous-chef.  This little helper gives custom recommendations and wisdom, making life easier for Puratos’ customers.

By integrating Microsoft’s advanced generative AI technology, Puratos has successfully leveled up its customer support service. At the same time, they’re demonstrating a strong commitment to forward-thinking leadership within the industry. 🚀

>> Curious about the secret ingredients? Head to MbarQ’s website for the full story.

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