6 Business advantages of Digital Twins – Use case Medi-Market

6 Business advantages of Digital Twins – Use case Medi-Market

Nathan on Mr. Watt’s Digital Twin for Medi-Market As your single point of contact for the power, knowledge and expertise […]

6 Business advantages of Digital Twins – Use case Medi-Market

Nathan on Mr. Watt’s Digital Twin for Medi-Market

As your single point of contact for the power, knowledge and expertise of De Cronos Group and the Bluu cluster, we rub shoulders with a lot of different and innovative technologies. In this blog we highlight the business opportunities of Digital Twins, which is in essence, no new technology, but the application of a number of technologies combined. Our Business Developer Nathan guides you through 6 advantages of Digital Twins, presented in a use case of Mr. Watts for Medi-Market.

Who is Medi-Market?

Medi-Market is a Parapharmacist with both online and offline sales points. They have 94 sales points and 9 institutes in Belgium and Luxembourg. In order to make this operation run fluently, their warehouses need to be organized efficiently. The Medi-Market Digital Twins project is emblematic of the transformative potential technology holds for supply chain and logistics. It offers a glimpse into the future of warehousing, where physical constraints merge seamlessly with digital possibilities.

#1 – The effect on costs

Traditionally, restructuring a warehouse to boost its efficiency would involve substantial physical effort, time, and costs. However, with a Digital Twin, organizations can virtually test out different layouts, anticipate problems, and ensure the most optimal setup before making any physical changes. This not only saves on costs but reduces the risk of disruptions.

#2 – Data-driven decision making

The ability to view heatmaps, analyze movement paths, and predict congestion spots makes warehouse management more proactive rather than reactive. Organizations are better equipped to make informed decisions, optimizing the workflow based on real-time and historical data. You input data into the Digital Twin and he uses this information to show you the most efficient possibilities for different scenarios. 

#3 – An enhanced customer experience

A more streamlined and efficient warehouse translates to quicker order fulfillment and lesser errors. Sequentially, this has a direct impact on the customer experience. When products are picked up more efficiently and are in stock due to anticipated demand, it ensures customers receive their orders in the shortest time possible.

#4 – Scalable and adaptable

As the market grows and changes, the Digital Twin model allows businesses to scale their operations accordingly. Seasonal variations, market trends, or even unprecedented events can be incorporated into the digital model to test and prepare for real-world scenarios.

#5 – The possibility to integrate AI

With the inclusion of AI, predicting future scenarios based on historical and real-time data becomes achievable. This means anticipating customer demands, preparing for market shifts, or even foreseeing logistical challenges becomes a tangible reality. Imagine preparing your stock for Black Friday or a stock sale. By unleashing AI on your current or historical data, you can run predictions that’ll make stressful days as these run more smoothly.

#6 – Sustainable impact

As we tread into a future where sustainability becomes crucial, optimizing warehouse operations digitally can reduce the carbon footprint. Fewer movements mean lesser energy consumption, which directly impacts the environmental footprint of operations.

In essence, the Digital Twin approach represents not just an operational change but a paradigm shift in how we view warehousing and logistics. It’s an opportunity for businesses to transform their operations, enhance customer satisfaction, and drive growth. As a business developer/company, leveraging such technology is not just about improving operations; it’s about envisioning a future where the digital and physical realms converge for unparalleled efficiency. It’s a compelling narrative for any client looking to be at the forefront of innovation and operational excellence.

If you want to read more about how Mr. Watts implemented a Digital Twin at Medi-Market? Check out their full case.