Nurturing Atlas Copco’s journey to agility.

Nurturing Atlas Copco’s journey to agility.

Transitioning to agile isn't just about tools—it's about transforming your work culture. 🤝 That's precisely what iLean aimed for with Atlas Copco's Information Services department.

Nurturing Atlas Copco’s journey to agility.

When we think about innovation, it’s easy to focus on technology. But what about our work culture? That’s where agility comes into play. Luckily, our Bluu ecosystem has an agile expert—iLean. They’re all about making a real difference with agility, and that’s exactly what they did for Atlas Copco.

Atlas Copco wanted to kick off their journey to business agility in the Information Services department. So, they brought in iLean’s agile coaches to make it happen.

Their goal? Build a culture that values predictability, transparency, and delivering results.


To make this transformation successful, iLean focused on a few key steps:

First, they formed a guiding coalition to lead the agile transformation. This team ensured that agility aligned with Atlas Copco’s unique culture, promoting sustainable business performance.

Next, iLean tailored agile practices to tackle Atlas Copco’s specific challenges. This customized approach facilitated a smoother transition and increased acceptance across the organization.

Finally, iLean enhanced internal communications, keeping everyone engaged and committed throughout the process.


The agile transformation had an impressive impact. Team dynamics improved, projects moved faster, and operations became more efficient. The partnership between iLean and Atlas Copco demonstrates how agile methods can spark considerable change in large, complex organizations. Remember, agility isn’t a one-time fix—it’s an ongoing journey, and Atlas Copco is well on its way.

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