Microsoft Teams for Socialistische Mutualiteiten

How the worst of times can bring out the best in people …

Before COVID-19 arrived, all employees of Socialistische Mutualiteiten typically worked in the office. Due to the sudden lockdown, everyone had to start working from home. A Skype for Business platform was in place but did not allow to communicate externally. SocMut faced a big challenge: how to rapidly deploy a solution that allowed all employees to connect to the outside world including audio and video capabilities. And how to make this solution available on SocMut laptops but also the personal devices of the employees. 

SocMut engaged with our colleagues from The Flow Consulting and asked their help to get Microsoft Teams deployed. To get speed in the deployment, the decision was made to not integrate with the existing Skype for Business setup. 

Within 1 week they were able to provide it to 5000 users. Daily, on average 1600 users collaborate and communicate via Teams, 600 1 to 1 calls are completed, and 22000 chat messages are exchanged. 

In order to also get the users familiar with this new technology, manuals were created on how to installe MS Teams on any device. All documentation and manuals were centralised on a website. Intense communication had a positive impact on user adoption. This approach resulted in no impact on the Service Desk i.e. only a limited number of additional calls per day. 

The initial need was a platform to communicate via text, voice and video. In the meantime, SocMut is looking into new scenario’s such as MS Teams Live Meetings and virtual consults. 

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