Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation 2+2+2

Digital transformation is a complex process that changes how enterprises work and go to market. Nimbuz helps customers to drive their transformation by means of a repeatable, pragmatic and budget friendly 3 step approach.

The cloud has changed more than the way we implement and manage IT. It is changing the very fabric of business and forces business leaders to transform every aspect of their business. Digital transformation involves the use of technology (such as big data & analytics, mobile and artificial intelligence) but it is not about technology as such. It is about how to use technology to resolve day to day challenges and even more how to reinvent your business and shape it for future success.

Many companies are struggling to realize the full potential of a digital transformation. The challenge is that it
touches upon a wide range of aspects of the day to day business and that digital transformation should not be
a project but a ‘strategic mindset’.

Transforming a business successfully requires efforts in 4 different areas, all of them closely linked together:

  1. Alignment of your digital and business strategy;
  2. Creation of a governance process where strategic directions, roles & responsibilities and processes are well defined;
  3. Develop a culture that results in engaged employees who are empowered to contribute to the transformation;
  4. Manage the impact on people, processes and technology adequately.


Offering Overview

Nimbuz believes that driving digital transformation should be done in an agile way i.e. work iterative, deliver results regularly and work on specific business cases instead of your full strategy. Otherwise your ‘book of dreams’ never gets to a level of execution. The engine behind our Digital Transformation 2-2-2 offering is a 3-step approach, from idea to result in just 6 weeks.







Nimbuz developed a framework (including Business Environment Assessment and workshops) that will help you define one or more Digital Transformation initiatives.







A Digital Architect will design the initiative, both functional and technical.

By preference, the initiative integrates with your technical environment.







The initiative will be built, tested and deployed. Success will be measured.

New iterations of the same initiative or new ones can be initiated.


Key Benefits

  • Pragmatic, swift and result driven 3-step approach.
  • Maximum involvement of your employees.
  • Incubator for broader initiatives.
  • Cost efficient.
  • Makes Digital Transformation executable.

“After the ideation phase, we had our business case. A chatbot solution for our helpdesk was up and running a couple of weeks later. The positive impact was obvious. Another piece of our Digital Transformation puzzle!”