Van Moer opts for scalability with Microsoft Office 365 and Arxus

By Danny Otten

As an entrepreneur, Van Moer’s main focus is achieving sustainable growth. They had great difficulty to design a datacenter that would meet all their needs for the next years. At the same time they had to replace all the software.

Van Moer decided to opt resolutely for the cloud and wanted a futureproof and scalable ICT environment, that would allow them to adequately support the group’s growth path. Van Moer set up a partnership with Arxus, member of the Cronos Group, and migrated all its applications to Arxus’ cloud environment in its private and redundant datacenter.

One of the main challenges consisted in the email support, so they decided to switch to Microsoft Office 365 as an infinitely scalable SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solution. At present, Van Moer has about 350 email accounts on Office 365 and that number can be increased without difficulty the more the company grows.

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